Every cheese tells a story, whether it's a fresh young goat's cheese or a big beefy eighteen-month-old cheddar. The flavour speaks to you about the place it was made, the season of its making and the craft of its maker. And each style of cheese reflects the culture of the people who first made it and their place in history.

A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles tells the story of these islands, their people and their cheeses, from prehistoric Celts to postmodern foodies. Freelance cheesemonger Ned Palmer explains how key moments and major currents in our history are embodied within our food. And he explains how to find the best cheeses today, discover how they are made and meet the eccentric cast of characters who make them.


You'll discover what to drink with them and how to relish the history and flavour of every bite. It's a cheesemonger's odyssey, a celebration of history, tradition and innovation guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.


"A fabulous, fascinating Cheese Odyssey. Following the history of cheese from its neolithic beginnings right up to the modern-day, Ned takes you on an entrancing journey through cheese and British history itself, meeting dozens of dedicated cheesemakers along the way. Ned Palmer is an erudite, charming guide to all things cheese - and his book will make you want to eat nothing but cheese all day long."


Kate Williams, historian and broadcaster

"We are taught in school that history is about kings and queens and posh people sitting on horses, but Ned Palmer teaches us that in fact, correctly understood, history is mainly about cheese. I hugely enjoyed his engaging, learned, funny, surprising book. Palmer wears his extraordinary range of knowledge lightly, but he is serious too. His book is history from below, from the perspective of daily life; it talks about the food and the life and the needs of unfamous people. A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles is the best kind of social history, the kind you can eat."

John Lanchester, journalist and novelist

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