Your Event, Your Way

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What's included?

Every event is different, but here's what you can expect.

A selection of 8 different cheeses chosen for seasonality and for the evening’s topic, and some beautiful bread. I also provide wine, usually two styles, or a selection of craft beers. For the premium option: sparkling wines/champagnes and/or charcuterie from my friends at Borough market.


Themes can depend on the season, what I’m interested in the moment or what you and your guests would be interested in. Some examples include: The Perfect Christmas Cheeseboard, The Magic of Cheese and Beer, Celebration Cheeses - cheeses paired with sparkling wines.


Events can be more or less formal from a talk with questions to a more interactive session: a chance for your friends or clients to break the ice and chat over some great cheese and wines. For larger groups I suggest the Cheese Station, a beautiful display of cheeses from which your guests will be served by my team of expert cheesemongers.

By the end of the evening you will: Know how to select and buy great cheeses, how to serve them beautifully, impress and entertain your friends with your knowledge and cheesy anecdotes.

Your place or ours?

Venues to suit every occasion.

At The Cheese Tasting Company we bring our unique events to your location, be that the meetings rooms in your building or a venue of your choice.


We can even bring the tasting into your home and the homes of all your guests with our new online tasting. We'll deliver a box of cheese and a selection of drinks to everyone taking part. Ned will host a tasting on Zoom or the platform of your choice, lasting about an hour with time for questions and cheese chat. We can also include a signed copy of A Cheesemonger's HIstory of the British Isles in each cheese box.

So, if you are looking for a historic property, a Thames river boat or the familiar surroundings of your own home – whatever your guests will most enjoy we can arrange. It’s your cheese tasting event, your way.

Historic Properties

Dr Johnson's House, Islington


“Thank you and your staff for laying on such a wonderful spread of cheeses, being so well informed about them, and giving our guests a memorable gastronomic experience!!” 

Nigel Scott QC

Kings Bench Walk Chambers