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Cheese & Me

Meet freelance cheesemonger Ned Palmer.

Ned is a freelance cheesemonger and writer. His new book A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles, which tells the story of British and Irish history through the medium of cheese, is out now.


Ned travels Britain, Ireland and the Continent seeking out the very best artisanal and farmhouse cheeses and their stories to present at cheese tastings. In these unique events, Ned explores and demonstrates an extraordinary knowledge of cheese, and wine, beer or champagne pairings.

Ned’s career in cheese began at the Gorwydd Caerphilly stall at Borough Market, selling the cheese with its maker Todd  Trethowan. Soon exhausted by his constant flood of questions, Todd sent Ned to work at the great British cheese shop Neal’s Yard Dairy. Over the next six years, Ned tended the cheeses as they matured in the cellar, sold cheese and travelled around the country visiting cheese-makers and asking more questions. 

After leaving Neal’s Yard Dairy, he took over the Caerphilly stall at Borough Market and began to host his cheese tasting events. In 2013 Ned left the stall and set up The Cheese Tasting Company to bring cheese to the people. Since then he has hosted tastings at offices all over the City, on an RAF airbase, at Middle Temple, on the 23rd floor of the Shard, in Astley Castle - a medieval ruin in Warwickshire and on a narrowboat on Regent’s Canal.



About our events

Inspirational, fun and delicious, The Cheese Tasting Company's events will introduce your guests to the fabulous world of artisanal cheese from Britain and The Continent. We are also constantly seeking out the most fascinating and individual wines and beers to pair with cheeses.

The Cheese Tasting Company is led by expert cheese-monger Ned Palmer.
Nedʼs 15 years of experience in cellars, dairies and farms and close friendships with cheese makers allow him to deliver a unique and memorable experience.

Our tastings range from larger corporate level events to smaller private functions. We can provide cheese talks, interactive sessions, or simply provide a beautiful selection of cheeses served by an expert monger to liven up your party.


Types of events

From classic cheese and wine tastings to an elegant dinner or cheese station, we can design the perfect scenario for your event.


"Working with Ned is a joy.

The things he knows about cheese astound me and he has a flawless palate for flavour matching"

​Jonny Garrett, Jamie Oliver Foundation.

The book for cheese lovers everywhere

A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles tells the story of these islands, their people and their cheeses, from prehistoric Celts to postmodern foodies. Freelance cheesemonger and writer, Ned Palmer, explains how key moments and major currents in our history are embodied within our food. And he explains how to find the best cheeses today, discover how they are made and meet the eccentric cast of characters who make them.


You'll discover what to drink with them and how to relish the history and flavour of every bite. It's a cheesemonger's odyssey, a celebration of history, tradition and innovation guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

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