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Kirkhams Lancashire with Rococo Chocolate Cardamom White

And now for something completely different...

Yup. Cheese and chocolate. No it’s not weird. It’s sweet and salty, like salted caramels, like blue cheese and desert wine, see?

If an Indian chocolatier made a cheesecake in Lancashire, it would be this. Kirkham’s Lancashire is moist but crumbly, a texture its maker Graham calls ‘butter crumble’. It’s creamy, it’s crumbly and it has a fresh acidity that plays against the lush creamy mouth filling chocolate.

As if that were not enough I suggest having this pairing with the Brew by Numbers Witbier. You could have the 07|01, undeniably classic or, if you wanted to take the whole tropical cheese cake thing all the way, the 07|02 with strawberry and mango.

Fun Fact:

Traditional Lancashire cheeses, of which Kirkhams is very definitely one, are wrapped in cloth and then rubbed in butter, a perfect solution to allow the cheeses to breathe but keep enough moisture in to preserve that lovely creamy buttery texture. Yum.

Above is a picture of the chocolate. It’s actually just an empty wrapper and there isn’t any cheese because we ate it all up. Sorry.

You can look at all their amazing chocolates and buy them here.

Buy Kirkham's Lancashire here.

Buy BBno's Witbier here.

Contact Ned to discuss your event:

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