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Match of the Week: Stilton and Vintage Sake

Colston Bassett Stilton (Neal’s Yard Recipe) with Kirin Brewery’s 2014 Vintage Sake

This rich dark sake with the authority and complexity of age and an oxidised flavour reminiscent of sherry, makes a fitting partner for the rich fondant texture and the notes of malt, marmite and bubblegum so characteristic of Colston Basset Stilton. Also you will look really cool if you bring out a bottle of sake to pair with your after dinner Stilton - none of your friends will have seen that before.

Aged sake, called koshu or chouki jukusei-shu if you really want to show off, is a rare creation - most sake is drunk fresh. Kirin brewery (not to be confused with the beer makers) has been going since 1880. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a bottle of 136 year old sake lying around in one of their cellars? Actually some sake has been laid down for a hundred years but you'll have to wait until 2105 to see what that tastes like.

Colston Bassett make fantastic Stilton. I particularly like the cheese they make for Neal’s Yard Dairy. The recipe includes animal rennet, which makes sweet and creamy cheese, and later piercing allowing the base cheese to develop a complex flavour before the blue mould takes hold.

You can buy NYD recipe Colston Bassett from Neal’s Yard Dairy and and Kirin Vintage Sake from Ueno Gourmet sake importers. To book a tasting or just have an enticing chat about cheese contact me here.

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