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The Four Seasons

Cheese is seasonal. Some cheeses are only available in the Spring and Summer, some cheeses change over the seasons as the weather changes and the animals that produce them leave their cosy barns and a diet of hay and tasty feed to graze on luscious sunlit pastures. Luckily what we want to eat changes as the seasons turn, from the fresh and delicate goat and sheep cheeses of the Spring and Summer to rich and sustaining cows milk cheeses in the Autumn and Winter.

It follows that what we choose to pair with these cheeses will change as well, from sparkling whites and light fruity rosés to heavier whites, reds, and fortified wines.

Join pied pipers Grant and Ned on a delectable dance through the Four Seasons of cheese and wine, with four wine and cheese tastings spread throughout the year:

The Joys of Spring - Fresh cheeses and light, delicate wines - great ideas for Spring and Summer picnics.

Last of the Summer Cheese - Fuller flavoured goat and sheeps and harder cows milk cheeses with some weightier whites and light reds.

Autumn Harvest - Robust flavours as the nights draw in.

Christmas Crackers - Choose your perfect Christmas cheese board and find wines, sherry and port to match it.

Book all four tastings for a generous discount. Dates to be confirmed soon.

For more information email us at

ned@CheeseTastingCo.Uk or

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