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Whisky and Cheese No 1: Promotes Optimism


Kirkhams Lancashire

Crumbly cows milk

History’s great double acts: Anthony and Cleopatra, Laurel and Hardy, Lancashire and fruitcake. My life was not complete until I discovered this pairing at Christmas with my wife's family in County Durham - it’s a Northeastern thing. That’s what the match of Kirkham’s Lancashire with whiskies of the Spicy and Sweet profile does for me. All those notes of gingerbread, marmalade and spices are brought into relief by the acidity and buttery crumble of this complex yet delicate cheese. It’s got to be Kirkham’s mind, made by Graham Kirkham who learnt from his Mum, Mrs. Kirkham. Made from unpasteurised milk, bound in cloth and rubbed in butter, this is Lancashire at its finest.

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Buy this and many other unique and delicious whiskies from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Remember if you join the Society, you get a great deal on the whisky, and you will be among friends.

You can buy Kirkham’s Lancashire in cheese shops and delis all over the UK. My favourite is Neal’s Yard Dairy.

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