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The Magic of Cheese and Beer

Britain is in the grip of a revolution, a craft beer revolution! With new breweries opening every week all over the British Isles, the range of delicious new beers is dizzying. Pairing some of Britain’s latest craft beers with some of Britain’s greatest artisanal cheeses, this tasting will explore the magical partnership of cheese and beer as a myriad of flavours compliment each other perfectly. Learn about the crafts of brewing and cheese making which join at the point where science meets magic, on a historical mystery tour of myth and legend, tradition and innovation.

What you get: Seven British artisanal cheeses, three craft beers, two sourdough breads, damson paste. There's enough of everything to make a light supper so don't book dinner!

Ideal for groups of 5 to 50, this tasting makes a great corporate event for clients or staff. Host it at your office or one of our exciting range of London partner venues.

To find out more or to book a tasting visit The Cheese Tasting Company.

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