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Planning events together is fun

I like to talk, as anyone who's come to one of my cheese tastings will have noticed. And, although it may not always seem like it, I prefer to talk with, rather than at people.

The Cheese Tasting Company has a whole bunch of off the peg themes for tastings, like French and British cheese, How to choose your Christmas cheese board, All blues, The fall and rise of British cheese and many more. All these themes are loads of fun, and as much as I’ve done all of them many times over, there’s always something new to talk about, and new cheeses to show off. So these themes are still as fresh and interesting to me now as the day I came up with them. If you want to go with one of those, great! Let’s talk about how we can make one of those work for you.

But maybe you’d like to come up with a theme of your own? I am open to all, or nearly all suggestions. I’m not sure that I could present a selection of Laughing Cow cheeses while dressed in a shiny silver jumpsuit, but actually, I don’t mind giving it a go.

Or would you just like to have a chat about some ideas, let me know what your needs or your constraints are. Perhaps you have a few vegetarians in your group or your boss hates goats cheese. Maybe you want to do a corporate hospitality event for 500 clients or a surprise party for a colleague or friend and five other guests, let me know. I like listening too.

So whether you want to pick an off the peg theme, tell me how many guests you have and let me do the rest, or whether you want to spend the next few weeks working on a unique never seen before cheese themed event, get in touch and we’ll work it out. It’s good to talk.

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