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A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles

This year's must have Christmas present for all cheese fanciers and fanciers of cheese fanciers. Now available in a bookshop or cheese shop near you!

Also, because my publishers - Profile Books - are amazing, there is all of this:

And, if you prefer slightly fewer words and more cheese there is this:


The tasting of the book

Thursday 31st October


Join us for an evening of cheese and tales with our good friend, fellow cheesemonger and newly published author, Ned Palmer!

Every cheese tells a story. Whether it’s a fresh, young goat’s cheese or a big, beefy eighteen-month-old Cheddar, each variety holds the history of the people who first made it. From the builders of Stonehenge to medieval monks, from the Stilton-makers of the eighteenth-century to the factory cheesemakers of the Second World War.

Cheesemonger Ned Palmer, takes us on a delicious journey across Britain and Ireland and through time to uncover the histories of beloved old favourites like Cheddar and Wensleydale alongside some new faces in the game. Along the way you’ll learn the craft and culture of cheesemaking from the eccentric and engaging characters who have revived and reinvented farmhouse and artisan traditions. You’ll get to know the major cheese styles – the blues, washed rinds, semi-softs and, unique to the British Isles, the territorials – and discover how best to enjoy them; on a cheeseboard with a glass of Riesling, or as a Welsh rarebit alongside a bottle of Pale Ale.

A ticket includes a generous plate of cheese and complimentary accompaniments, plus a couple of glasses of wine and beer to pair.

A Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles, is in celebration of Ned’s soon to be published book of the same name. There will be copies available to buy on the night. If you buy him a beer, he might even sign one for you…

Tickets are £35 and available here.

If you fancy a bit of chocolate with your cheese, and quite frankly, who doesn't, there's this:


Tuesday 17th December

We are coordinating with Cheese Tasting Co to devise a beautiful selection of cheese & perfectly complementary chocolates. We will guide you through 6 wonderful pairings, with some bread, nibbles and a little tipple on the side! A perfect night!

Tickets are £35 and available here.


Has been made even more gorgeous by the sublimely talented Marc Bates of Balanced Agency, bespoke web-designer, content marketing consultant and purveyor of fabulousness.

Some highlights include the lovely new material for the front page, a whole page devoted to my book (of course) and a list of some of my favourite cheese shops all over Britain and Ireland.

Do yourself a favour, contact Marc and let him make everything much much more beautiful.


If you feel that the prose in this post lacks a certain ebullience that you may have come to expect from my writing, that is not because I am in a mood. Far from it! I am just feeling a little quiet and reserved after the absolutely smashing time that was my launch party at the Kernel Brewery with all my friends. What a nice thing that was.

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