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Whisky and Cheese No 2: Juicy and delightful

Spicy & Dry


St Jude

Soft cows milk

Fudgey, is what everyone says when they first put St Jude in their mouths, not a flavour descriptor but a texture, a surprisingly firm and dense texture for what looks like a meltingly creamy cheese. The whisky cuts through this texture creating a delightful moussy mouthfeel. As to the flavour, St Jude is all about rich, heavy cream, barely cheesy at all, with just a hint of earth and cowiness to give it some edge. With the volatile rum and raisin flavour of the Spicy and Dry profile the whole experience is like a kind of funky ice-cream for grown ups.

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Buy this and many other unique and delicious whiskies from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Remember if you join the Society, you get a great deal on the whisky, and you will be among friends.

You can buy St Jude in cheese shops and delis all over the UK. My favourite is Neal’s Yard Dairy.

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