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Ewe Beauty - Spring Cheese and Wine Tasting 13th June

Ewe Beauty:

Sorting the sheep from the goats

Spring cheese and wine tasting

Tuesday 13th June

Borough Market

Grant and Ned are back as Spring turns gloriously into Summer, with this season's selection of sheep and goats cheeses.

The delicate flavours of soft fresh goats cheeses are just what we want to eat as the weather gets warmer, and we start to think about picnics and the sparkling wines and delicate whites that go so well with them.

Sheep and goats milk also go into making a wide range of cheese styles from hard cheeses like Pecorino from Italy, blues like Harbourne from Devon and heftier washed rinds like Brebis Fougere from Corsica.

Join talented sommelier Grant Hedley and acclaimed freelance cheesemonger Ned Palmer as they explore the diverse world of sheep and goats cheeses and the wines that match and challenge them. This tasting will feature six delicious cheeses, seven stunning wines, and stacks of gorgeous sourdough bread.

As usual Grant, Ned and the Laithwaites team have put in hours of dedicated work at the pre-tasting tasting to bring you the best cheese and wine pairings of the season. The wines include a lovely crisp white from Santorini in Greece and dark nutty Apostoles sherry. As to which cheeses go with them, you'll have to come along to find out.

The theme and title for this tasting is brought to you by our Choose the Title of the Next Tasting Competition winner Julie, who gets two free tickets! (Our next competition will be called The Choose a Better Title For the Next Competition Competition.)

All the brilliant and creative entrants to the competition are entitled to £5 off the advertised ticket price.

Full price tickets are £40 and available here.

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